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The Return of the Hippie Van

Yes, you read that correctly. And if you’re as excited as we are then you’re all right in our books. Because this is the return of an icon, the return of something great, the return of something so cool we can barely contain ourselves. 

Known as the Type 2, Volkswagen’s Microbus ran for 63 years on various roads across the world. And just like the Beetle, it’s likely most people you know also have a Microbus story from some stage of their lives. Also known as the Hippie Van, the Microbus became synonymous with free love, surfing, and exploring wide open Californian roads in the blazing sun. All very good things. 

So, what does this new one have in store for us free-loving hippies? Well, according to VW, they’ll be unveiling the concept at the upcoming CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January 2016, and production is set to start in 2017. 

There’s whisperings that the new VW Microbus will be set to use the same lithium-ion tech as the Audi R8 E-Tron and be purely electric. However, there’s also talk of a 4-cylinder and diesel (of course). 

Excited? Yeah, a little. Bring it on Volkswagen! We’ll be ready to hit the beach as soon as it’s launched, promise.