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Three Mitsubishi world premieres in Tokyo

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Mitsubishi will unveil three utility concept vehicles in world premiere at the 43rd Tokyo Auto Show, which opens on November 22nd, 2013.

The GC-PHEV is a full-size SUV that uses the same plug-in hybrid technology as the new Outlander. It's a “connected car” that also offers next-generation preventive safety technology and driver support technology through wireless connectivity.

The XR-PHEV is a compact, lightweight SUV which uses a plug-in hybrid powertrain, too. The body is shaped like a coupe's.

Finally, the AR concept is a next-generation compact crossover that features a downsized, turbocharged engine with direct injection for outstanding fuel economy.

Mitsubishi provided a couple of teasers, but we'll likely have to wait until the Tokyo show to get the full picture.