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Top 10 – The 2016 Edition of the Annual Monterey Car Week, in Photos and Videos

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The third weekend of every August, devoted fans of classic and prestige cars descend on Pebble Beach in California for Monterey Car Week, which includes events like The Quail on Friday and the Concours d’Elegance on Sunday, not to mention the Tour d’Elegance and the Retro-Auto section. 

In short, treading the grass of Pebble Beach in Monterey during this event is the car lover’s version of walking the Croisette during the Cannes Festival. Attendees rub shoulders with the biggest automotive designers and CEOs, sports and film stars and, of course, rich businessmen come to enjoy the atmosphere and just maybe treat themselves to a little automotive joy – the event includes several auctions. 

The annual event at Monterey has been providing relaxation, stylish glamour and automotive eye candy since the beginning of the 1950s. 

My Top 10 list for the 2016 edition

1 - The Cadillac Escala is a peek at the future of automotive design, technology and the search for perfection at Cadillac. This division of GM is set on showing the world its rich, 114-year history and is aiming for the top rung on the global luxury car ladder.

Cadillac Escala
Cadillac Escala
Photo: Cadillac