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Top 10 amusing vehicle names

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A team of expert Black Book editors from the U.K. recently voted for the 10 most amusing vehicle names around the world.

“Naming a car is really important for manufacturers in order to give it as much appeal as possible; it’s a key part of the vehicle marketing process,” said Black Book editor Tim Bearder. “While there is no hard and fast evidence that names have any real effect on sales or residual values, it should be something that is taken into consideration. The team here has come across some weird and wonderfully named vehicles over the years ranging from obscure concept cars to minivans and mainstream family cars.”

Without further ado, here’s their list of the 10 most amusing vehicle names:

  • Ford Probe
  • Panda Mamy
  • Renault Wind
  • Nissan Micra Wave
  • Reva G-Wiz
  • Robin Hood Lightweight
  • Ibiza E
  • Toyota Deliboy
  • Volugrafo Bimbo
  • Mitsubishi Lettuce