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Top 10 : Vehicles Offering the Best Value in 10 Categories!

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Thanks to the Internet and all the comparison tools available to car shoppers, it’s possible to use dollar figures to determine which vehicles offer the most value – but for many it can be an interminable bore of an exercise! Our auto scribe Vincent Aubé decided to wade in and fish out the best values on the market in 10 different popular vehicle categories. Disclaimer: there’s no pretence at any kind of scientific precision here! Enjoy…

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Best city car: Chevrolet Spark
In this category, budget considerations are often priority number-one. If you have, say, $10,000 to spend on a car (not counting delivery fees and taxes), your choice is to go used… or a small city car! Urban-dwelling car buyers looking for a bargain-basement new car will want to consider this segment, though they shouldn’t expect miracles in terms of interior space!

The best value offered in the small city car category is the Chevrolet Spark, primarily because of its generous supply of standard equipment, even when you take the entry-level LS with manual transmission. The touchscreen and 4G LTE will app.

Chevrolet Spark
Photo: Chevrolet
Chevrolet Spark