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Top 10 : Vehicles Offering the Best Value in 10 Categories!

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Best sub-compact: Hyundai Accent
With our universe currently under SUV invasion, the car category most affected by the onslaught is the sub-compact. What consumers might not realize is that many of the current gang of small crossovers on the market are actually built on sub-compact-car platforms.

In any case, the sub-compact segment retains its appeal for a significant slice of the Canadian automotive pie. And as it happens, the category’s top seller is also the vehicle that offers the best value – hats off, consumers, for your smart decision-making!

In this class, the South Korean recipe is the one that takes top honours. Hyundai and Kia have in recent years been pumping out equipment-rich vehicles that are also very reliable. The latest batch of products from the two carmakers may not be earth-shattering design-wise, but the quality of execution has improved and the equipment offered is generous. With a base price of $14,599 (before prep, delivery and taxes), the Accent L is a good buy right off the bat. But for sheer value, the GLS trim ($21,099) takes the honours. It’s as thoroughly-equipped as a well-heeled sedan.

Hyundai Accent
Photo: Hyundai
Hyundai Accent