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Top 10: Vehicles Offering the Best Value in 10 Categories in 2021!

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Vincent Aubé
We pin bang-for-buck medals on vehicles in 10 different segments

Once again this year, Auto123’s intrepid Vincent Aubé sticks his sturdy neck out to determine which vehicles, in his view, represent the best value for motorists on the market.

The last few months have certainly not been easy for Canadians and we will still have to continue dealing with the pandemic for a few more months before we can hope for a return to some kind of normal. But until then, 4 out of 5 doctors recommend you start dreaming or even thinking seriously about your next car or, much more likely, your next SUV.

For this 2021 edition of our bang-for-buck sweepstakes, I decided to use the same categories as last year, which are heavily biased towards the most popular and financially accessible models. Plus minivans, because well, who says value says minivan, right?

So here are, without further ado, 10 models to consider in 2021 for the value they offer. Keep in mind this is a subjective endeavour, especially considering the high overall quality of the vast majority of new vehicles offered at dealerships these days.

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Best subcompact vehicle: Kia Rio

Kia Rio
Kia Rio | Photo: Kia

A year ago, I gave the first-place ribbon in this category to the Hyundai Venue, a brand-new pocket-sized crossover based on the same platform as the Accent subcompact. This year, it's another Korean product that wins, and that’d because this car simply delivers as much as - if not more than - its utilitarian Hyundai cousin.

In fact, the Rio is isn’t even less utilitarian (read: practical) than the Venue, while retaining its assets as a nimble car with a sporty edge. What's more, its base price is slightly lower. Meanwhile a comparison of the powertrains yields a tie, since both share the same components.

As a cherry on the sundae, manual transmission enthusiasts can rejoice: the Rio can be ordered in LX or LX+ trim with such a gearbox. Other versions get the same continuously variable (CVT) unit that sits in the Hyundai.

In addition to the clearly-nearly-identical Hyundai Venue, I should give a mention in the category the Chevrolet Spark, merely the most affordable subcompact in the country.

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Kia Rio, sedan and 5-door
Kia Rio, sedan and 5-door | Photo: Kia
Kia Rio, interior
Kia Rio, interior | Photo: Kia
Vincent Aubé
Vincent Aubé
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