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Top 30 Vehicle Models Expected in 2020-2021: The Sports Cars

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Auto123 takes out its crystal ball and presents the 30 most notable vehicles that will be arriving in 2020-2021. Today, the sports cars!

The automotive industry never stops, especially in this day and age when awareness of our environment is the backdrop - or almost - to every new car unveiling. This year again, we're giving you a picture of what's coming up in the automotive domain, but there are so many new products that we've chosen to separate it into three segments. First stop: sports cars.

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2020 Chevrolet Corvette... and the other versions!

Photo: Chevrolet

Chevy’s resident sports car, edition C8, is definitely one of the past year's big stars. But there’s more excitement to come, first of all because in 2020 we'll finally be able to put the new generation Corvette and its central engine to the actual test.

The automaker will certainly give the public some time to form an opinion on the C8, but looking ahead we know there will be other, more powerful variants coming down the pike. Will the brand's senior management take advantage of the first Detroit Auto Show in June to lift the veil on a Corvette Z06? We'll find out after the snow melts...

Photo: Chevrolet