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Top 5: Cars on the Nice List

Candy striping for sick kids and gift-wrapping at the mall amidst crazed shoppers for hours are your idea of thankless holiday fun. Candy canes at the office and mini marshmallows in everyone’s hot cocoa at lunch? Yup, all you. 

Kris Kringle ain’t got nothin’ on your holiday cheer, and if it weren’t for your mad addiction to CrossFit you’d be rubbing your holly-jolly belly as you hand out gifts to everyone from the mailman to your HELLCAT-driving neighbor (who clearly made the other list). 

No. 5
RAM EcoDiesel (with air suspension) 

Not only are you considerate of the environment with your clean-burning diesel pickup, but you even opted to spend the extra coin for the optional air suspension so your passengers will be comfortable too. Add to that your ability to be a year-round “we’re moving and need help” friend with a pickup, and you’ve cruised right to the top of Santa’s best-bud list. 

No. 4 
Volvo V60 

Safety first, you always say. And no need to stand out too much from the crowd or be too ostentatious, after all that would be cruel to those around you who can’t afford nice things (and too much like the guy down the street who drives the F-Type Coupe R and never shifts outta first gear…). Calm, demure and practical, you’re not here to make any waves and you make sure everyone is comfortable and secure when you slowly back out of the driveway each morning. 

No. 3
smart fortwo 

Come on, anyone who buys a car with the ability to share its parking spot with others has to be somewhere on the Nice List. That’s right, you and your smart fortwo buddies can double up on parking spaces, plus your overall footprint on the planet and general space in your neighbourhood is about the same size as the smart itself. Super extra holiday cheer points to those who opt for the smart electric drive model. 

No. 2 
Nissan Micra 

Pretty much everything about this car is nice from its base price (sub $10k!) to its adorable mug and fun-loving nature behind the wheel, this is one Santa would bring home for Santa Jr., without hesitation. Oh, and we’re pretty sure those obnoxious stuffed animal reindeer antlers and bright red nose would look adorable on the Micra. Do it. Santa (and Rudolph) will approve. 

No. 1 
Kia Soul EV 

Have you taken a moment to look at the Kia Soul EV, like really look at it? Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Not only are the rainforests in the Amazon singing its praises for keeping them around a bit longer with your mad EV skillz, but your passengers will sing your praises for having some of the most comfortable backseats in the industry (um, Eco Cloth FTW). This thing’s actually got soul, and a good-natured one at that. Yeah, the biggest gift on Santa’s sleigh? That’s yours Kia Soul EV owner. All yours.