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Toyota, the World’s Fifth Top Brand

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After announcing Kia and Nissan’s presence in the list of 100 top global brands, we give you here a comprehensive overview of the auto industry’s positioning on the latest edition of the annual list published by Interbrand. Toyota is notably the sole car manufacturer to attain the top 5 on the list that covers all commercial sectors, sitting in fifth position with a value of $53.58 billion USD. This total represents an increase of 9% over 2015.

In all, 14 car companies made Interbrand’s top 100 list; they are, with their respective positions:

  • Toyota: 5th 
  • Mercedes-Benz: 9th 
  • BMW: 12th 
  • Honda: 21st 
  • Ford: 33rd 
  • Hyundai: 35th 
  • Audi: 38th 
  • Volkswagen: 40th 
  • Nissan: 43rd 
  • Porsche: 50th 
  • Kia: 69th 
  • Land Rover: 78th 
  • MINI: 88th 
  • Tesla: 100th