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Top 8 Most Desirable Connected Car Features

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What are the most desirable connected car features in 2015? According to Business Insider, which recently surveyed consumers, entertainment trumps advanced safety systems.

Top 8 Most Desirable Connected Car Features:

  1. Music streaming i.e. via Pandora or Spotify (69%)
  2. Surfing the Internet via a monitor in the car (57%)
  3. Car identifies traffic signal, congestion, accidents (52%)
  4. System allowing the passenger to stop the car (51%)
  5. Front/rear collision warning (45%)
  6. Night vision system (42%)
  7. Fatigue warning device (41%)
  8. Access to social media while in the car (40%)

The Business Insider survey also includes a graphic with consumers' preferred method of payment for these connected car features. Apparently, 28% would like a monthly fee charged over the credit card or Paypal account, 26% prefer an upfront payment in the car price, and 13% want to make a single purchase for a predefined period. 

Interestingly, while self-driving cars are making headlines and gaining momentum, 40% of respondents said they would not pay for such a vehicle.