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Top 10 Most Affordable All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles in Canada in 2020

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Vincent Aubé
It is possible to benefit from an AWD system without paying through the nose...

9 – 2020 Mazda3 GS i-Activ AWD - $26,000

2020 Mazda 3
2020 Mazda 3 | Photo: Mazda

To get behind the wheel of a Mazda all-wheel-drive sedan, you have to aim for the GS trim of the Mazda3 4-door. It's from this trim level onward that the i-Activ all-wheel drive system is made available. It's very effective when road conditions get tough, and it's worth taking the time for at least one test drive in the middle of the cold season.

| Photo: Mazda
Vincent Aubé
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