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Top 10: Classic Cars Seen on the Streets of San Diego

Photo: D.Rufiange
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Daniel Rufiange
The friendly climate prolongs the lifespan of many old cars there… and we love it!

In Canada, it isn’t really possible for owners of classic cars to enjoy their ride 12 months out of the year. For sure, the situation isn’t the same depending on whether you live in Halifax or Windsor or Edmonton or Vancouver, but generally Canadian old cars have to go hibernate in winter, away from the destructive weather and road salt, etc.

South of the border, particularly as you head deeper south, it’s a different story. The climate in places like Arizona, Florida, Louisiana… and southern California allows for driving precious older cars year-round. Go visit those places and you’ll see quantities of classic cars in use from January through December. Many of them are old battlers that have been in continual use for 20 or 30 years.

For car lovers, it makes for a fascinating and head-turning experience. My long-time love of all things automotive means I enjoy bringing back snapshots of some of the gems we come across when we’re on a junket for a vehicle launch. Here are 10 of my favourites spotted during a recent trip to sunny San Diego.

1 – Chevrolet 3100 1955-1957

From the looks of it, this pickup is in the midst of a renovation job. Mechanically, its owner has taken a few liberties, but the body appears set on keeping its original look. The year is more difficulty to identify clearly due to the absence of a grille and other style elements in the front, but it’s definitely from the Task Force series, introduced in 1955.

Photo: D.Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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