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The 2020 Cadillac XT6: 10 Things Worth Knowing

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Michel Crépault
The midsize luxury SUV makes a small splash on entry

Here are 10 things you probably really want to know about the 2020 Cadillac XT6.

I recently had occasion to test out the new XT6 SUV from Cadillac on a Montreal-Quebec City return trip; even better, it was an opportunity, on this long and rather tedious straight line of a route, to experiment with Cadillac’s online service, called Cadillac Live, for a good hour to glean from a helpful representative what 10 things are most worth knowing about the vehicle.

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# 1 It knows about you
Cadillac Live allows you to have a one-on-one online chat with a brand expert. And when I say expert, I mean that and not a sales representative. The expert at the other end can talk to you about every last detail of any Cadillac product – except the price. If you want to haggle about a purchase or lease, you’ll have to contact a Cadillac dealership.

However, once you’re done pumping them for info, the Cadillac expert will be happy to transfer you to your current dealer if it’s a Cadillac outlet, or else suggest two or three dealers, based on you postal code. Like every other business and institution, it knows where you are just about at all times…

Cadillac Live
Cadillac Live | Photo: Cadillac

# 2 It can be found in the bat cave
As part of Cadillac Live service, the Canadian division has built a secret bat cave, in which a number of representatives – sorry, experts – walk around camera in hand to show you any of the brand’s models parked there that you want to explore. And like the real Bat Cave, no one knows where it is exactly – Cadillac will say only that it’s somewhere in Ontario. Come to think of it, maybe that’s where Canadian thespian Mike Myers filmed his Austin Powers movies. I can easily imagine the all-white, windowless Cadillac Live space serving as a set for the secret spy. Except the expert who hosted me looked nothing like Dr. Evil…

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