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Top 10 Cars for Trick or Treating this Halloween !

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Halloween - what an occasion to have a little mean fun and break the routine! We wanted to mark this special day for treat-loving kids, trick-loving teens and horror-loving adults by coming up with the cars featured in super-hero, cult, horror or action films that have made the most impression on our collective imagination. Diabolical!

I remember thinking how Batman just had to be invincible once he climbed into his Batmobile, and still recall the chills and nightmares that followed the viewing of some scary movie or other. Here we go, if you dare!

Horror – The abominable Christine

This red 1958 Plymouth Fury is undoubtedly my top choice for most diabolical car in movie history. One of the taglines for the film was “How do you kill something that can’t possibly be alive?” This one positively haunted my nights as a kid - you?