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Top 10 Pickup Trucks: Demand Continues to Grow!

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Éric Descarries

If there is a segment that embodies more than any other the American automotive industry, it is the pickup truck. You won’t find better evidence of this than in the list of top-selling vehicles in North America, which is dominated by pickups.

Curiously, there aren’t even 10 distinct brands to rate, once you combine the intermediate and full-size models that are GM twins. All the same we forged ahead, and even have a surprise in store for you at number 10 on our list, with a vehicle that foreshadows a possible large-scale comeback for a certain manufacturer’s midsize trucks. 

Take note that the vehicles shown here each represent only one version of the model. As each make offers dozens of versions of its products, from small pickups with short beds to imposing 4-door, long-bed versions, to include them all would take pages and pages of images. Notwithstanding that limitation, here is our overview of this vehicle segment.

1- Ford’s F-Series: The King

We give credit where credit is due. Even after undergoing a comprehensive retooling of its lineup of trucks, marked by the adoption of aluminum for its bodies, the F-Series trucks from Ford continue to lead the pack for vehicle sales in North America.

From the F-150 to the F-450, Ford’s pickups are deliverable with a base-model V6, a turbocharged V6, a V8 gasoline engine, or, in the case of the larger versions, a V8 turbo diesel engine – the most powerful in the category. Ford F-Series trucks are also available in a variety of finishes, including luxury trims that rival several luxury-car brands!


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2017 Ford F-150
2017 Ford F-150 | Photo: Ford
Éric Descarries
Éric Descarries
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