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Top 10 Honda Civic generations

Everybody loves the Honda Civic. Well, almost. Isn’t it Canada’s best-selling car for the past 18 years? The completely redesigned 2016 Honda Civic marks the popular compact car’s 10th generation and gives us a good reason to do another top 10.

 Which one was the best, the most influential or the most memorable? That’s impossible to determine, at least objectively, because everyone has their favourite ― just ask #CivicNation. For fun, we’ll try to rank all 10 generations of the Civic, so here we go…

 10. 2nd generation (1980-1983)

 The so-called “Super Civic” basically copied the original recipe, although it did offer a bit more room and power. The 4-door sedan also debuted in this generation.

1982 Honda Civic
1982 Honda Civic