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Top 10 midsize SUVs in Canada in 2018

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Daniel Rufiange
The fighting is fierce among the utility category’s middleweights

As much as the big and small ends of the SUV spectrum have made waves in the industry in recent years, the midsize SUV segment remains a leading choice for consumers here as elsewhere. It’s no accident that the manufacturers have invested so heavily in their entrants in this category. Those wanting more space and more towing capabilities than the smaller utility models can muster naturally gravitate to this segment, which allows them to avoid the gas-guzzling, expensive behemoths above.

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Here’s our ranking of the best models the midsize SUV category has to offer in 2018, going from worst to first. Can you guess right off the bat who comes out on top?

10. Volkswagen Atlas

The polar opposite of the next model coming up in our ranking, the 2019 Atlas is sober and eminently reasonable. It’s a product conceived and designed for comfort-loving American consumers, and while everything in it is well-done, it seems totally devoid of emotion. This is doubly odd since, for Canadian buyers anyways, this is what lies at the heart of what a Volkswagen is, or should be. This position in the ranking tells you clearly there are more attractive possibilities available to midsize SUV buyers.

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