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Top 10 Road Trip Vehicles

Any time of year is good for a road trip, but the summer months seem to bring out the need to hit the open road that much more. Maybe it’s the sunshine or maybe it’s too many iced coffees that have us all hyped up about filling up the tank and throwing caution to the wind as we head out to where the sky meets the earth.

Whatever it is, we’re glad we feel the itch because it means we could (potentially) enjoy the journey behind the wheel of any of these top 10 road trip vehicles.

10 – Toyota Prius v
Well, if you haven’t clicked away already, good. Here’s why the Toyota Prius v is one of our top 10 road trip vehicles: it won’t cost you a bomb at the pumps as you make your cross-country trek. Sure, road tripping is great, but not when you’re spending money on feeding your car instead of yourself. It won’t be the quickest, or the coolest looking, but it’ll offer up space, comfort and convenience. And you can spend your dollars on roadside attractions ; and who doesn’t want to see The Blue Whale in Catoosa, Oklahoma?!

Toyota Prius v
Photo: Toyota