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(Virtual) Geneva 2020: Top 10 of the Motor Show That Never Was

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The 2020 Geneva Motor Show set to take place last week never happened, a victim of the growing coronavirus crisis. The cancellation came as a partial surprise, but many manufacturers, all dressed up with nowhere to go, put together online presentations. Why lose completely the media coverage that would have come with the actual event. Here's the best of what would have been on tap at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Our list consists of the models that struck our imagination and products that we’re most impatiently waiting for.

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1 — Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz
Photo: Honda
Honda Jazz

The Honda What? Outside of North America, the car we know as the Fit takes the name Jazz. And the new generation of the product was eagerly awaited in Geneva. At first glance, the little bug from Honda has a nice demeanour. It will be available on the Old Continent starting in April, powered by a hybrid engine, among other configurations.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see what Honda has in store for us, but it’s clear as day North America is overdue for a new Fit.