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Top 10: A Virtual Journey to the World's Automobile Museums

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The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the entire planet and, at the present time, the best thing human beings who are not currently on the front line fighting COVID-19 can do is to STAY HOME.

What does this mean for car enthusiasts, especially at this time of year when many of the most exciting rides are just now emerging from hibernation? No doubt there are many are already prepping their respective toys indoors, safe from contagion of course. But for others who don't yet want to take the risk of driving away from home in these uncertain times, there are still plenty of options for having "automotive" fun from the safety of their home.

Beyond Hollywood classics and video games, there's of course all the editorial content available right here on But there are also the automotive museums that you can visit from the comfort of your home, thanks to Google StreetView, YouTube and the Internet.

Granted, visiting a museum dedicated to the history of a particular brand is a much more authentic experience when done in person, but in today's circumstances, being able to move from showroom to showroom with a mouse or on a touchscreen is a viable alternative option... and it’s free! Compared to the cost of the plane tickets needed to travel to these museums around the world, this virtual tour is the bargain of the week!

Here are some of the automotive museums you are cordially invited to visit right now - virtually.

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The National Corvette Museum

Photo: Google

Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the Chevrolet Corvette Museum is a must-see for all fans of American sports cars. It even exhibits cars that were damaged during the infamous opening of a sinkhole at the museum in 2014. The museum is still mostly made up of front engine Corvettes! Needless to say, the new C8 transferred its V8 engine behind the occupants.

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