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Our Top 10 Most Affordable All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles in Canada in 2019

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Vincent Aubé
Affordable four-wheel drive cars and SUVs: 10 choices that won’t break the bank

Article updated Aug 10, 2022.

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Every year Canadian motorists have to contend with a range of difficult winter road conditions. Certainly a good set of winter tires is a necessary starting point for getting through the cold season safely, but adding an all-wheel-drive system to the mix is a sure safety boost and peace-of-mind inducer!

The problem is that many vehicles so equipped are significantly more expensive than their two-wheel-drive equivalents. Fortunately it is still possible to benefit from the advantages a new car with AWD brings, without breaking the budget.

Here is our newly updated countdown of the Top 10 most affordable vehicles with all-wheel drive available in Canada in 2019, going from most to least expensive (prices are listed in CAD)

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10 - Mitsubishi RVR SE 4WD - $26,998 CAD

The little crossover from the little Japanese automaker is no longer a spring chicken, but its reliability and the company’s 10-year warranty certainly make the RVR’s case more compelling for consumers.

| Photo: Mitsubishi
| Photo: Mitsubishi
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