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Top 10: The 10 New Cars Owners Most Get Rid of Within One Year

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The website lists inventories of new and used vehicles for sale, but it’s also a research firm focused on analyzing the habits of American consumers in the automotive domain.

One recent study conducted by the firm looked at which new vehicles are most often resold within the first year of ownership. A clear takeaway from the study is that buyers of German and British luxury models are particularly willing to get rid of them in favour of something even newer.

Here’s a look at the 10 new vehicle models that bond the least with their new owners within the first 12 months of the relationship. In brackets you’ll find the percentage of new models resold within the first year of ownership, in the United States.

Nissan Versa sedan (8.7%)

Starting in 2015, the Versa’s place on the Nissan roster in Canada was taken over by the little Micra, but it lives on in the U.S. While Canadian motorists no longer have the privilege of not buying the Versa sedan, it does still represent an affordable option if all you need to do is get from point A to B.

Photo: Nissan
Photo: Nissan