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Valentine’s Day Top 10: The Cars You Don’t Want to Fall For!

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We all know what happens when emotion wins out over reason

Valentine’s Day is the day for celebrating love, an emotion that’s been known to make us do crazy things, like for example spending a lot of hard-earned money on a car that’s not necessarily the wisest choice, for whatever reason. For Valentine’s Day 2019, thought it a great idea to take a look at 10 2019 cars it would be wiser not to fall in love with. And if you do fall under the charms of one of these, at least you can’t say we didn’t tell you so!

Fiat 500

The diminutive Italian model hasn’t aged a bit since it arrived in North America in 2012, and yet Fiat’s city car has seen sales plummet dramatically. Part of that is due to the generalized trend away from cars towards utility models, but the fact the little car’s reliability record has been, shall we way, spotty, is surely another factor.

| Photo: Fiat
| Photo: Fiat