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A First Recall for the Toyota bZ4X EV

Two months after its official launch, the electric crossover is going back to the shop to fix a loose wheel-hub bolt issue Automotive columnist: , Updated:

It’s not at all uncommon to see brand-new models subjected to a recall or two in the months following their launch. Call them teething problems. But Toyota is likely feeling a little sheepish about having to recall its first mass-produced all-electric model barely two months after it debuts officially. But here we are.

The recall is to address a potentially dramatic problem: the vehicle’s wheels could come loose. It was issued in response to a notice by the Japanese safety regulator, which stated that sharp turns and sudden braking could potentially cause a hub bolt to come loose, which could potentially lead to the wheel coming off. The regulator adds that it is not aware of any accidents caused by the problem, but it is advising drivers not to use the vehicle until a fix is carried out.

Here at home, Toyota Canada (TCI) contacted Auto123 to point out that there are no bZ4Xs currently available at dealerships in the country. Philippe Crowe, TCI's Corporate Communications Consultant and Team Leader explained that:

"We are aware of the recall affecting the bZ4X in other markets. We have not yet delivered any to our Canadian dealers and will not distribute any in our market until the investigation is complete and a fix is in place."

- Toyota Canada

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Subaru Solterra
Subaru Solterra
Photo: Subaru

In case you’re wondering, Subaru has also decided to call back to the shop the near-clone of the bZ4X, the Solterra, which has not debuted here. The automaker says the models in question were for dealers and none had been delivered to North American customers.

The Toyota recall affects some 2,700 bZ4X EVs, the vast majority of which were destined for the European market (20 were destined for Canada). The company adds that not all bZ4X models it has produced are subject to the recall, though it’s declining to say how many it has built in all.

Subaru’s recall of the Solterra concerns around 2,600 units.