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Turo carsharing app continues to expand

Do you know Turo, the new app that allows car owners to make money by renting their vehicle to travellers and others? We wrote about it in 2016, and it has been operational in Canada for one year now.

More precisely, during the first year of operation, 2,800 Canadian owners listed their car on Turo. Half of them are in Quebec.

In Montreal, for instance, Turo users can choose from a selection of 550 cars for rent. Owners make $465 a month on average thanks to Turo.

Offered in Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta, the increasingly popular carsharing app will become available across all of Canada in the near future.

“We will continue to invest strongly in this market, with the goal of providing all Canadians access to our platform as a way to get a return on their car and also offering a better car rental experience,” said Cedric Mathieu, director of Turo Canada.

Turo by the numbers...

  • - Available in more than 225 cities in Canada, including 130 in Quebec;
  • - Turo users save about 30% compared with traditional car rental companies;
  • - A vehicle listed on Turo is rented eight days a month on average;
  • - A selection of 410 makes and models in Canada (230 in Quebec);
  • - 1.5 million kilometres covered by Turo users in just one year, four times the distance from the earth to the moon!