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Vacation time means extra caution on the road is in order

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With millions of Canadians ready to hit the road to enjoy their summer vacation, it's time to remind drivers about the importance of complying with highway safety laws. Every year, too many people suffer accidents and die on the road in the months of July and August, so use extra caution if you want to create lasting memories for all the good reasons and not the bad.

According to Allstate Canada, the overall cost of claims rises 10-15% during the summer months. Why? Because accidents and collisions at this particular time of the year are generally more severe in terms of vehicle damage and bodily injuries. If you drive more slowly, you'll stand a better chance of getting to your destination in one piece, even though it means being 30 minutes late. 

Beware of distractions!
Overexcited children, breathtaking panoramas, and fatigue that comes with driving longer than usual are some examples of distractions that drivers need to be wary of. Sure, you can't wait to arrive at the beach or the cottage, but you should still use extra caution on the road. 

Obviously, this also means having a safe, well-maintained vehicle. As Allstate Canada points out, under-inflated tires affect handling and increase fuel consumption, while over-inflated tires can explode as the hotter temperatures force the air inside to expand.

Don't drink before or text while driving!
Once again, we feel it's necessary to remind everyone that driving under the influence or while texting on the phone is dangerous and illegal. Too many Canadians seem to forget that. In Quebec alone, alcohol-related accidents cause approximately 160 deaths, 370 serious injuries, and 1,900 minor injuries annually.

According to the SAAQ, road victims in La Belle Province cost an estimated $90 million in claims. Drunk driving and the use of a cell phone behind the wheel are the main causes of accidents. 

Please drive safely and have a nice summer vacation!