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Woman sentenced to 6 years after texting at 110 km/h on 2 phones

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A 31-year-old Latvian driver named Marina Usaceva has been sentenced to six years in prison after ramming her Jaguar X-Type into Sukhdeep Singh Johal’s Peugeot 206, causing the death of the 27-year-old biomedical science graduate.

Usaceva was texting on two separate phones while driving at 110 km/h before the fatal crash. Witnesses argue she was driving even faster than that when she violently hit the brakes to avoid getting caught by a speed camera. She wound up rear-ending the Peugeot and causing a 3-car pileup.

A police examination found Usaceva had used a Sony phone to send and receive text messages right before the accident occurred.

Judge Sean Enright called texting while driving a “plague on society,” and took away Usaceva's driving licence for eight years in addition to giving her six years in jail.

The woman had previously been caught twice using her phone behind the wheel.

Darwin must be rolling over in his grave…

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