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Volkswagen and Ford to Partner on Joint Projects

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Auto manufacturers may be hard-nosed rivals, but they also know that sometimes, working together in strategic partnerships allows for making significant advantages, even breakthroughs. Some partnerships seem more natural than others, however. Into the category of “others” falls the announcement today by Volkswagen and Ford, two fundamentally different companies.

The two automakers stated their intention to partner up and work together on certain specific projects. Several ideas are on the table, and both companies say their minds are wide open to a wider range of different possibilities. One of them is likely to involve the development of a range of commercial vehicles.

"Both companies have strong and complementary positions in different commercial vehicle segments already. To adapt to the challenging environment, it is of utmost importance to gain flexibility through alliances."

- VW Group strategy head Thomas Sedran

The collaborative venture between the two groups involves no exchange of money, nor purchase of parts, in either direction.

By no means new to the commercial vehicle domain, Volkswagen already owns the Scania and MAN companies. The German giant has also worked in partnership with American truck brand Navistar.

It will be interesting to see what comes of the new working partnership. Who knows, maybe down the road the automakers will see a benefit in collaborating more closely within their respective automotive divisions?