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Volkswagen Looks to Reduce Environmental Impact 45% by 2025

Automotive giant Volkswagen has stated it wants to regain the leading role it played in working towards sustainable development prior to the emissions scandal that embroiled it in recent years. The German manufacturer announced this week during its Group Environmental Conference its intention to move forward not only with producing a larger number of electric and hybrid vehicles, but also making the production process itself much cleaner.

By 2025, Volkswagen aims to reduce by 45% the amount of energy, water, CO2, VOC emissions and waste produced at its assembly plants in comparison with 2010 levels. In the view of the brain-trust at VW, it’s not just the pollutants being emitted from tail-pipes that need to be addressed.

Volkswagen will also re-double its efforts to use more renewable and recyclable materials as recommended by its own Sustainability Council, established just under a year ago.