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Volvo to eliminate car keys by 2017, replace them with app

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Volvo apparently hates car keys and wants to get rid of them altogether. Starting next year, a Bluetooth-enabled digital key technology will become standard in all Volvo models, allowing owners to lock and unlock doors and even start the engine.

Trials will begin as early as this spring via Volvo’s car-sharing firm, Sunfleet, stationed at Gothenburg airport, Sweden.

The digital key technology will also offer customers the possibility to receive more than one digital key on their app allowing them to access different Volvo cars in different locations. Using the app, Volvo says, people could potentially book and pay for a rental car anywhere in the world and have the digital car key delivered to their phone immediately. On arrival a customer could simply locate the rental car via GPS, unlock it and drive away, avoiding delays at car rental desks. 

Physical keys will continue to be offered to people who want them, the company pointed out.