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2021 BMW X6 M Competition: 10 Things Worth Knowing

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Vincent Aubé
In 2021 in Canada, does such a rocket really belong on our speed-limited roads?

The high-performance crossover segment is getting bigger, and the elbows are up in the corners. The adrenaline junkie who wants to lord it from a higher position over others on the road is spoiled for choice these days. Almost all the prestige brands are going after this elite clientele, for which the badge on the hatch is no longer the sole criteria.

For this sub-group of consumers, performance, rarity and the prestige of driving an “all dressed” model come into the equation as well. But there’s a larger question at play here, and it’s this: Does this type of performance vehicle have its place on our speed-limited roads?

Yes, it's true that next to a Lamborghini Aventador, the 2021 BMW X6 M Competition makes more sense and is more affordable, which explains their ever-increasing numbers on the Canadian automotive landscape. Lamborghini has itself entered the SUV fray, and the success of its Urus is further confirmation of the popularity of this type of vehicle.

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BMW’s sportiest crossover is not new to North America. The X6 M is already on its third version since the model's introduction in 2010. But, like any performance vehicle, each revision comes with its own set of improvements and the X6 M is no exception to this unwritten rule.

Here are 10 things you need/want to know about the most powerful vehicle ever put together by BMW's M performance division.

1. Exclusively available in Competition version

As is so often the case in the exclusive world of performance vehicles, the most expensive edition is the most popular with consumers. For 2021, only the Competition edition of the X6 M is available in Canada. This version gets 17 more horsepower available under the right foot, an M sport exhaust system, M seat belts, some exterior components painted in gloss black and an Anthracite Alcantara headliner, among other goodies.

2021 BMW X6 M Competition, badging
2021 BMW X6 M Competition, badging | Photo: V.Aubé

2. A $4,900 frosted black finish

You'll have noticed that my tester provided by BMW Canada came decked in this frosted black paint, an option that adds $4,900 to the bill. Some may say that for a vehicle with a starting price of $133,000, this is not such a big expense. That's true, but you should know that the matte finish requires the owner to be extra careful with their car care.

For example, you should not polish or apply wax to the body, you should not use a mechanical tool to polish or correct the paint, and you should remove any residue such as insects or tar that has accumulated on the vehicle as quickly as possible. In short, think carefully before you check the frosted option. Do you want a high-maintenance paint finish, or not?

2021 BMW X6 M Competition, profile
2021 BMW X6 M Competition, profile | Photo: V.Aubé
Vincent Aubé
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