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2000 Plymouth Prowler Road Test

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2000 Plymouth Prowler - Red Hot Rod

Little children cry "Mummy" while old couples gasp for their breath as the Prowler cruises by at 'look-at-me' speeds. A hot red Prowler is an exhibitionist's dream-come-true. That said if you're the private, reclusive type don't buy this car. If however you enjoy being pounced on by man, woman and child in the supermarket parking lot answering umpteen questions and being pre-judged as "extravagant" by the conservative set - read on.

The Prowler is a one of a kind creation. It could only have come to fruition for the 'reasonable' price it does by a large car company with a deep and wide parts bin and great loads of 'public-relations' cash. 'Halo' cars, built to garnish a manufacturer's brand image, are extremely expensive to produce, with the manufacturer usually losing money in the process. The only gain comes when the enthusiasm trickles down to the more practical models in its line.

That said, it takes a car company led by real 'car guys' to even dream something like the Prowler up, let alone build it. This company is Chrysler (more specifically Plymouth) and the car guys are led by Tom Gale, a true blue hot rod fanatic who actually owns an authentic highboy roadster. As Plymouth has been more or less phased out in Canada, and following the same fate in the U.S., expect the Prowler to become a Chrysler or Dodge soon.

When taking hold of the Prowler keys my only point of hesitation derived from the thought of maneuvering this mega-wheeled powerhouse through city traffic in what was the most inclement weather we had experienced in months. My body shuddered as a horrific vision came into my minds eye - the Prowler hydroplaning across a frog pond (previously an intersection) in a spectacular four-wheel drift and then careening into the side of an oncoming semi-trailer - I just didn't want that kind of responsibility.