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2007 Honda CR-V First Impressions

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The CR-V is a sure shot for Honda, which is sold in over 160 countries. This third-generation model had to continue that upward trend. Engineers chose to tweak and improve all aspects of this compact SUV. In addition, they're offering us a two-wheel drive version of the popular trucklet. Buyers will feel at home in the new, nicer-looking CR-V, while they benefit from practical improvements that expect from Honda's perfectionists.

More dynamic styling
2007 Honda CR-V LX (Photo: Honda)
While the overall dimensions of the CR-V haven't changed, the engineers and stylists proceeded in a total redesign of the CR-V. Its sheetmetal is streamlined for a better drag coefficient. On that matter, close attention was paid on underbody airflow. As for styling, the CR-V changes shape and gets rounder. The sharper front end sports an arrowhead-like hood and profiled headlamps. The body of the CR-V is wider, and the reduced glass surface gives an impression that the vehicle is bigger; it thins out from the front to the rear for a more streamlined look.

Finally, a liftgate
The biggest change on the body is the fact that the side-opening rear door was dropped in favor of a liftgate. Honda is one of the rare asian automakers, if not the only one, to have understood the worldwide reality. As head engineer Mitsuru Horikoshi explained to me, "Such a
2007 Honda CR-V EX-L (Photo: Honda)
decision wasn't easy. The old rear door was also used to support the spare tire. So, we had to integrate it and we chose to place in the trunk, which allowed us to install the new liftgate." Esthetics-wise, if you look at the CR-V's profile, the hatch has a round shape to help maximize storage space. It allows for an easier access to the trunk and protects you when it rains. We can now access the trunk without worrying about the curbside.

Versatile trunk
The CR-V always offered one of the most spacious cargo holds of its category. Engineers did even better here. Despite the spare tire being under the floor, the liftover height of the CR-V is low. In EX versions, a
2007 Honda CR-V EX-L (Photo: Honda)
three-section tray is included: it can be taken out and stored in the garage, or leave it on the floor; it can also be inserted on the tracks at mid-level height in the cargo area, which helps store your luggage according to size and accessibility. The tray can also be folded in half to make loading certain accessories easier. In addition to the tray, the rear seatback is not split 40/20/40, which allows us to slide skis between the seats. Also, you can still fold down the seats in a 60/40 configuration. So, you can count on a volume capacity that varies between 1,011 and 2,064 liters.