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2008 Audi TT Roadster 2.0T Review

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Audi appears to be having quite the year so far, what with its fabulous R8 model acting like an award magnet for just about every trophy the automotive industry has to dish out.

Yes, they certainly seem to be sitting at the top of the pile at the moment and basking in some well-deserved glory.

Everything coming out through Audi's factory doors today has that certain "wow factor" attached to it.

I say good luck to them; after all, it wasn't that many years ago that the motoring press was saying some pretty unsavory things about Audi. Those were the dark days, when the company appeared plagued with quality issues and were struggling somewhat in North America.

In my book, Audi employees should give themselves a huge pat on the back for turning the company around in such a short space of time. After all, there are other manufactures, mentioning no names, that have suffered similar problems over the years, and yet never managed to claw themselves out, or purrfect the same outcome!

Naturally, credit for this turn around must be shared by all departments, but I believe that Audi's design team might be worthy of a slightly larger slice of that, because everything coming out through the factory doors today has that certain "wow factor" to it. The R8 is certainly a testament to that fact, but so is the little roadster which I'm testing this week, the Audi TT 2.0 TFSI.

When you see one of these come up behind you in the rear view mirror, it wouldn't be hard to mistake it for an R8 at first. I would put that down to the similar looking headlights, which, I don't think anyone would deny, are a striking feature on either car.

Of course, with a quick glance in your mirror, you may confuse the models, but you won't have trouble identifying the manufacturer because the TT Roadster carries the now famous Audi front Grille.

I say famous, because there are a couple of interesting stories behind that. Firstly, there are aftermarket companies which sell bumper and grille packages to update the older style Audi, to look like the current models. That in itself proves just how popular the new design is. However, if you want further proof, just take a wander around an auto show this year and see how many other manufacturers seem to be copying Audi's bold frontal look. What is it they say..."imitation is the greatest form of flattery"!

When you see one of these come up behind you in the rear view mirror, it wouldn't be hard to mistake it for an R8 at first.