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Kevin ''Crash''-Corrigan

Kevin ''Crash'' Corrigan

Kevin hails from the land of Monty Pythons, which may account for his occasional "warped" sense of humor. He first learned to drive at 8 years of age. By 11, he had purchased his first car, which survived a whole year before being imbedded in the barn door of the family farm. Kevin started his automotive career by completing a City & Guilds mechanical apprenticeship. He then progressed, through new and used vehicle sales, Auto-Show preparation, and has managed 3 public automotive auctions. Kevin is an avid car collector and often rents vehicles to Television & Film companies. He also has a bit of sporting background as he has raced motocross, held an International Rally License and still occasionally competes in local motorcycle trials events. Kevin, or as he is better known, "Crash", is the Motoring Editor of a Toronto area Lifestyle magazine.

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