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2008 Chrysler Sebring Limited Convertible Road Test

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Marc Bouchard
Neat, steady and efficient

When you purchase a new car, do you really consider everything? For instance, do you know precisely what type of car you need and what kind of driver you are?

These information -- and let's not forget about your budget -- allow you to focus your research on just a couple of models or at least on the segment that will answer most of your needs.

A successful styling and decent performances make this convertible an interesting selection.

Well, that's exactly what people who plan on buying a Chrysler Sebring Convertible should do before signing any contract: they should ask themselves what kind of vehicle they really want to drive.

While quite sexy and attractive, the new Sebring Convertible is no sporty car and certainly does not strike fear into any German soft-top. Rather, this Chrysler aims to offer a worry-free driving experience in the mold of a true touring midsize sedan: neat, steady and efficient. But this time, with an open-air feeling.

Lots of style
I have to admit that the first time I laid eyes on the completely redesigned bodywork of the Sebring (sedan or convertible), I fell in love. I especially liked the attention to details. For instance, Chrysler incorporated its trademark grooves on the hood.

True, the Sebring Convertible received mixed reviews at last year's auto shows: the power-retractable soft top does not do it justice as much as the hard top. Even worse, the vinyl roof brings back memories of when American cars were floundering. That's probably why Chrysler offers three choices. Our tester was equipped with the more traditional and considerably lighter fabric top.

Inside, there's something about the dashboard that makes it very appealing. The overall shape (which, according to the automaker, mimics the corporate winged logo) is clean and the controls are easy to spot. The instruments are understated and easy to read.

In fact, purely from a design standpoint, there's little to complain about. This car wonderfully blends into our roads.

The dashboard is both stylish and user-friendly.
Marc Bouchard
Marc Bouchard
Automotive expert