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Marc Bouchard

Since completing his studies in journalism, Marc Bouchard has been working in print media (newspapers, magazines) and radio for the last 20+ years. A general-affairs journalist based outside of Montreal and owner of a media relations agency, he has developed a strong expertise centered around journalism.Marc has been specializing in the field of automobiles for many years, starting as a researcher for a TV show called "Le Grand Test" on Canal Z, hosted by his good friend Bertrand Godin. This auto-related series specifically featured new technologies in the industry. He later occupied the same job for a number of episodes of "Pleins Gaz", on the same network. For several years, Marc co-wrote articles and news features on automotive technologies for the automotive section of leading Montreal newspaper "La Presse". He served as well as a weekly automotive columnist for "Le Courrier" newspaper in Saint-Hyacinthe and as a freelance contributor for various general-interest magazines like "Coup de pouce".Marc served also as columnist for a number of specialized automotive publications, and was part of the editorial staff at "Le Guide de l'auto" for three years, becoming a regular content producer and co-host of the weekly TV show of the same name. Now a member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC), he holds a seat on the organization's Board of Directors.He joined in January 2007 as a writer and video coordinator, putting all his expertise on the table to benefit auto enthusiasts across Canada.

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