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1990-1997 Mazda Miata Pre-Owned

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So much car in such a small package

The 1990 model year was a very very good one for automobile enthusiast. Truly, the sun rose bright and shinning midway through 1989 when the first generation Miata arrived that summer. Here was a small unassuming sporty 2-door convertible that would shortly take the World by storm. The Miata is considered to have revived more than just the roadster genre, it literally infused the joy of driving back into the buying public.

The 1990 Miata brought back the roadster genre.

As you read these lines, more than 800,000 Miatas have been produced. This car, as many have noted before, has actually entered the Guiness Book of World Records as the Best Selling sports car ever. Now available in its third iteration, the MX-5 (a.k.a. the Miata) remains true to the original, the one that captured the imagination of aficionados everywhere.

Not the most masculine looking...
The first generation of the Miata was round and soft looking. It was never meant to compete with the likes of the Mustang or Camaro convertible, in fact, it was in a league of its own. Many of the design cues were not haphazardly made decisions by an artists or engineer. The Miata was largely inspired by the British roadsters of yore that many fondly recall or still drive hard on the track today. The 1960's Lotus Elan was the primary source of ideas for the overall shape of the small Mazda. As I have just stated, the Miata was never aimed at those that wanted to leave tire marks at every street corner, its subdued styling was simply meant to appeal to those that wanted to drive.

The mk1.5, or mid-cycle refreshed first generation Miata, was marked by a number of special editions. As of 1994, a series of M edition cars were offered with different wheels, interior trims and colours. Regardless of what was done, Mazda always stayed true to its lightweight sporty car.

...but I would buy one in a heartbeat.
On a nice sunny day, take the Miata to your favourite winding country road, put the top down and bask in the joy of driving. I have driven a half-dozen Miatas and MX-5s over the last few years and they all generate an extreme sense of well-being. Whether in Europe or North America, we love to drive. Be it an SUV or a compact, the sense of freedom and control that the driver gets when cruising around is second to none.

The first generation Miata looks as good today as it did over 15 years ago.