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1994-2001 Acura Integra Pre-Owned

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A pillar of a coupe

Of the few Japanese sort coupes that have been offered for sale in North America, the Acura Integra stands out as being one of the most complete and desirable ones. The first two generations (1986-1989 and 1990-1993) of the car attracted a large number of enthusiasts but the last version was the one that solidified the Integra's position as being the coupe to be seen in at the restaurant or at the drags.

To be more specific, the 3rd gen Integra had two iterations. The first one lasted from 1994 to 1997. It was based on the then present Honda Civic (1992) and received a number of improvements namely in the engine bay. The second version of the third generation came about between 1998 and 2001. Changes were very minor but then again, the Integra wasn't broke, so they didn't fix it.

Typically Japanese
The Integra's occupant quarters are the epitome of a car designed by the Asian carmaker: all controls are logically positioned and easy to operate. The appearance of some of the buttons is beginning to look dated yet their functionality remains very intact. In typical Honda fashion, the front seats are designed to firmly hold the passengers in place: lateral and lumbar support is just about proficient enough for track use. The headrests of these seats, on the other hand, are set too far back to be very effective. The rear folding bench is tight but can accommodate two passengers when need be.

Materials used and the quality of the assembly of these cars is generally good. The tested car did show some signs of higher than average wear on some buttons as well as some plastic trim panels. Otherwise, the larger portion of plastics, namely the dashboard, is doing fine.

Hatchback styling
Needless to point out that the Integra is a stylish coupe or sedan, at least until the 4-door was pulled from the line-up in 1996. Some may find that the front-end lacks direction but that is only a question of personal taste. In 1994, the Integra dropped its previously flat and squarish line to adopt rounder and sleeker lines. By far, in my opinion, the Type-R is the best looking of the lot. With its unique colours, Championship White or Phoenix Yellow, special 5-bolt alloy wheels and functional rear spoiler, it stands out.