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2007 Acura MDX Tech Road Test

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Mathieu St-Pierre
Taking it a few notches higher
Taking it a few notches higher

The 2001-2006 Acura MDX has to some extent been the underdog of the midsize luxury SUV group. In most recent comparison tests, it was often nowhere to be seen. It seemed as though only the X5, RX, ML and Escalade existed. The grounds for this omission was simply due to the fact that the MDX, as good as it was, failed to capture the interest of the people in this market. This is not to say that the MDX did not sell, it did well but its soft personality and lack of Lexus or German prestige hurt its chances at being a blockbuster.

2007 brings a little more attitude to the MDX.

More MDX
The arrival of 2007 brings forth the all-new MDX: it is bigger, badder, more powerful and chalk-full of features. This time around, Acura wants to make sure that the MDX will leave an impression with potential buyers. I for one think that it has worked. The new MDX is more imposing thanks to its new exterior look which characterised by sharp creases, a new take on the Acura grill and a smooth flowing roofline.

The face of the new MDX is full and daunting because of its thick horizontal bars. The MDX is trying hard to be remembered. Acura added a number of cues that will sit well with those in the market for a luxury SUV. Some of the most notable and perhaps not for the right reasons are the standard 18" wheels, the uniquely style headlights and the Audi inspired taillights.

If ever there was one positive point that can be made about Acura products it is the build quality; the body panels are perfectly aligned, the paint job is flawless the "thump" heard when closing the door confirms it all.

A cabin to live in
Indoors, where it is cosier, the MDX oozes high-tech styling and gadgetry. The center stack is inspired by the RL and the finished product is nearly stunning. The controls are all located in the same area in the lower and middle part of the console. The look is enticing and tekky. The largest knob serves as the main controller for the navigation system and the onboard menu.

BMW should take a long hard look at what Acura has created because it works with childlike simplicity. The front seats are always cozy in an Acura; full of correct support and comfort. The MDX treats its rear passengers no differently. In fact, a quick comparative glimpse will have you thinking that both front and rear seats are identical. The 3rd row is actually usable. On a short trip for a family visit, two adults took place out back and other than tight legroom, general wellbeing was good.

The back seat will treat its passengers with support and comfort.
Mathieu St-Pierre
Mathieu St-Pierre
Automotive expert