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2011 Ford Super Duty debuts in Texas

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Back in 2006, Ford used the Texas State Fair in Dallas, to debut its then-new new-generation Ford Super Duty Pickup. You couldn’t argue with the choice of local — Texas is the Super Duty of U.S. states, and it is also certified pickup country.

So no surprise that Ford returned to the State Fair, when it came time to unveil the significantly revised 2011 Super Duty.

Mark Fields, Ford president of the huge market it calls “The Americas,” did the unveiling honours. “Our Super Duty customers do some of America’s toughest jobs,” noted Fields. “Every day they're out there working with little fanfare and all they ask is the right tool for the job.” (He's right to point out all those hard working truck owners, but what about owners with slightly less tough jobs to do, like that dude hauling his speedboat to the cottage?)

A heavy legacy

Ford’s Super Duty line was created in 1999. Up until then, Ford’s heavy-duty pickups (those with GVWs over 8,500 lb/3,900 kg) essentially shared a platform with the light duty F-150. Separate but related platforms allowed both trucks types to better fulfill their differing mandates.

Towing stuff
One the biggest mandates for Super Duty is towing; so a lot of the new stuff for 2011 centres around that task.

Ford has yet to announce specific numbers, but Fields promises “best in class towing and payload.”

The new turbocharged 6.7-litre Power Stroke V8 diesel engine was designed, engineered and built by Ford, so that Super Duty could continue its towing supremacy status. It replaces the Navistar-built 6.4-litre Power Stroke, as Super Duty’s sole diesel option.

There’s also a new V8 gas engine on offer — the new 6.2-litre V8 features a large bore (102 mm) to allow for larger intakes and exhaust valves for improved breathing, and the short stroke (99 mm) allows higher engine speed for increased horsepower.

The base 5.4-litre V8 continues on, as does the 6.8-litre V10.