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2013 DMCC and Drifting Guide

Are you a drifting enthusiast? Do you follow the Drift Mania Canadian Championship? has put together this 2013 DMCC and Drifting Guide which includes all of our articles on the series and the sport of drifting, as well as photos and videos, interesting websites, and information for those who'd like to practice drifting in a safe, controlled environment.

What is drifting, anyway? Well, it all started in Japan back in the mid-'80s, and has kept growing in popularity across Canada since the turn of the 21st Century. Now, we have the Drift Mania Canadian Championship, with 3 veteran judges evaluating drivers and deciding which ones advance to the next stage until a winner is crowned.

Thousands of fans travel to the various sites to marvel at the precision displayed by the drivers as they go neck-and-neck and drift their way around the track. Smoke from the burning tires adds to the action. Overall, it's one big show!

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Top 10 photos from the 2013 DMCC
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2013 DMCC calendar
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Websites of drifting tracks
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