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2013 MINI Cooper Clubvan Preview

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Miranda Lightstone
Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another MINI, there it is! That's right, BMW has released the brand new (though eerily similar to the Clubman) 2013 MINI Cooper Clubvan. Just as the Clubman brought to mind images of the '60s-era Morris Mini Traveller, the Clubvan is meant to conjure up that image once again with even more purpose.

2013 MINI Clubvan

Aimed more towards hip, cool business needs than the average family consumer, the 2013 MINI Cooper Clubvan offers a stylish option for commercial applications. With exactly the same dimensions as the MINI Cooper Clubman, the main difference lays in the removal of the rear seats (for more cargo room) and the rear side windows are blocked-out with body-coloured polycarbonate reinforcement. This makes the 2013 MINI Cooper Clubvan the ideal marketing tool (it's sides are a great canvous for company logos and contact info) while also keeping your cargo in complete privacy with all windows covered.

So, with the rear seats removed, how much room does the 2013 MINI Cooper Clubvan really have? Because the Clubvan features a partition directly behind the driver and front passenger's seats, the entire cargo area can be loaded up to the roof which means this MINI has some serioulsy non-mini cargo volume at 860 litres, and a max payload capacity of up to 500kg.

Those are some big and heavy numbers for a MINI, which is why it's clear BMW had businesses in mind when they released the 2013 MINI Cooper Clubvan.

As far as the dash is concerned in the 2013 MINI Cooper Clubvan, you'll instantly recognize it as a MINI because it looks the same as its stablemates. From the centre-mounted speedometer to the rounded door accents, it's standard MINI fare.

Four body colours are available on the 2013 MINI Cooper Clubvan: Pepper White, Ice Blue, British Racing Green and Midnight Black. The body colour is then mimicked on the roof, mirror caps and rear windows. Unique to the Clubvan are its 15” Delta-spoke wheels. Options are not as plentiful on the Clubvan, but then as a work vehicle they shouldn't need to be.

Just as the 2013 MINI Cooper Clubvan shares its shape and look with the Clubman, it also shares its engine which is the same 4-cylinder 1.6L found in the Clubman. With 121 horsepower and 115 lb-ft of torque, the MINI Cooper Clubvan offers just the right amount of power to get your high-end goods to your customers on time and in one piece.

Why add another MINI to a stable already loaded to the brim? Well, BMW is targeting urban, high-end businesses (photographers, architects, florists, upscale bakeries) who want to make an impression on their customers with a delivery vehicle that has as much flare and fun as their product.

Pricing will be announced when the 2013 MINI Cooper Clubvan becomes available later this year.

2013 MINI Clubvan
This makes the 2013 MINI Cooper Clubvan the ideal marketing tool.(Photo: MINI)

Miranda Lightstone
Miranda Lightstone
Automotive expert