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2014 Tesla Model X Preview

Tesla is a start-up car company on the verge of world domination. Every new model to come out of Elon Musk’s brilliant mind and company has sent ripples through the automotive world.

2014 Tesla Model X

At first, there was the Roadster. Here was a slightly understated, 2-seater sports car capable of humiliating supercars without ever using a drop of fuel or making the slightest noise. Then, they announced the luxury family sedan to end all others: The Model S promised to and delivered performance, styling and more features than anyone could shake a stick at.

Now, Tesla is offering the Model X for larger families to consider. This upwardly mobile people and gear mover has, as the company describes, been designed from the ground up blending the benefits of an SUV and a minivan.

On paper or, more accurately, on screen, the 2014 Tesla Model X is as handsome as it is versatile. It is able to accommodate up to 7 passengers along with plenty of gear wherever the road may take you and your family.

The cabin offers an impressive array of state of the art technology, luxurious materials and top-drawer craftsmanship. Tesla’s massive Touchscreen serves as the front passengers’ gateway to the 2014 Tesla Model X’s multiple accessories and entertainment system.

The 2014 Tesla Model X has many distinctive features, to be sure, but the traffic-stopper are its Falcon Wings. Much like the gullwings found on the Mercedes SLS AMG coupe, the X sports a pair of rear doors that fold up and out of the way in a graceful and elegant manner. The fronts are of the conventional style.

Although stunning to behold, the reason for their existence is equally functional. No more do passengers climb aboard their vehicle. In the 2014 Tesla Model X, occupants simply step in. The opening is in fact so wide that access to the third row is possible without removing a child seat that may be installed in the second row.

Motivating the X out and about is an electric powertrain that delivers varying levels of power and the choice between a single rear drive motor and the addition of a second front drive unit.

There will be two battery options made available to buyers. The base output is rated at 60 kWh while the option is a whopping 85 kWh. The pairing of two drive units, or motors, drastically augments the 2014 Tesla Model X’s appeal, especially here, north of the border.

2014 Tesla Model X rear view
The 2014 Tesla Model X has many distinctive features, to be sure, but the traffic-stopper are its Falcon Wings. (Photo: Tesla Motors)

Now, if you’re in the market for a green AWD family vehicle, there’s no need to throw performance out the window. In Performance trim, with twin 85 kWh motors, the 2014 Tesla Model X will snap its way to 100 km/h in only 5 seconds. This, then, makes it one of the quickest SUV/CUVs on the market. Not bad for zero tailpipe emissions.

Deliveries of the 2014 Tesla Model X will begin in 2014. Final Canadian specs and pricing should be available during the course of next year.