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2015 Geneva Motor Show: Look out for Kia's electric bicycle

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According to World Car Fans, Kia will unveil the K-velo electric bicycle concept at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next week. Using a 250W electric motor developed by Bosch and fed by a 36V lithium-ion polymer battery, it produces an instant torque of 33 lb-ft.

The report also indicates that Kia's K-velo weighs 44 lbs, rides on 28” street wheels (or 27.5” MTB wheels), reaches a top speed of 25 km/h, and offers a range of up to 70 km for the city version (50 km for the MTB model). The battery pack can be detached and charged from a regular household outlet in approximately four hours.

For the moment, Kia is giving no indications that the K-velo will enter production.

Source: World Car Fans