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2018 Hybrid and Electric Car Guide

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Electric mobility: it’s a concept that consumers are warming to at an increasing rate. And the growing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles is mirrored in a general trend in the industry. Electrified models are grabbing the headlines at auto shows, new models and versions are being announced at a dizzying pace, and there’s even a certain amount of public shaming befalling manufacturers who are slow to get on board!

We published our first Hybrid and Electric Car Guide in the summer of 2017, and we did not fail to notice that it continues to be consulted daily, even now. So we figured the time was ripe to update it and provide you with a current guide for the Canadian market in 2018. Check out as well our 2018 Hybrid SUV Guide.

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Once again, you’ll find here all the relevant figures (starting with prices), as well as links to technical specs, to our most recent reviews, to videos and to photo galleries. Keep in mind that the incentives for the purchase or lease of electric vehicles offered by the Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia provincial governments remain in place; take a moment to consult their website to help you calculate the real cost of the vehicle you’re interested in.

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