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A More Sinister Front End for the 2019 Dodge Charger Hellcat

New front grille teaser image will be followed by more detailed info this summer Automotive columnist: , Updated:

While the majority of manufacturers trip over each other to offer ever-greener vehicles to consumers, Dodge continues to march to its own beat, with a focus on raw performance, courtesy of a good ole’ combustion engine.

A new announcement this week regarding the new Charger did not concern the introduction of a plug-in model, therefore, but rather design adjustments aimed at further accentuating the model’s bad boy image.

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) released a first image to give consumers a foretaste of what it has in mind for the model. It shows a part of the remodeled front grille, featuring what looks like an air intake close the SRT logo.

"Among the changes, high-performance Charger models get an all-new grille design, which extends the sinister-looking front end to accentuate visual width and reflects Charger customers' continuous demand for standout exterior design."

- FCA statement

Changes for the 2019 edition won’t be limited to the front grille. Expect tweaks to the exterior shell and a refresh of the interior space.
We’ll have to wait to learn more about the new Charger, however, since the company will only providing more details once summer is upon us.

One thing was can be pretty sure of is not seeing a hybrid variant any time soon. Dodge’s game continues to be to seduce motorists with raw performance, and despite the many problems afflicting the segment, the automaker seems to be managing quite well with its strategy.

The muscle car is alive and well, it seems.