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8 New 2019 RAM Trucks Stolen from Warren, MI Plant

An unusual incident took place at FCA’s plant in Warren plant early on Thursday morning, when thieves used a stolen truck to break to the secure parking lot of the plant and made off with eight brand-new 2019 RAM trucks. One of them has since been found in Detroit, with an empty gas tank; the other seven remain unaccounted for.

The thieves approached the perimeter of the area where the new trucks were located and used a pickup stolen earlier to smash through the gate of the parking lot. After taking possession of the eight trucks they then left at speed, smashing through the gate of the security station at the exit of the lot.

A night employee placed a call to 911 around 4 am to report the theft. He reported that while at his post he saw a number of trucks tear towards the exit gate.

This highly unusual incidence of larceny took place against the backdrop of a week in which a number of supply and quality-control problems caused delays in the pace of production that RAM hoped to maintain to meet demand for the new model.

Those delays mean that the 2018 model will continue to be assembled and distributed, most likely until the end of the year, and possibly even into the beginning of 2019.