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Porsche Doubles Production of the Taycan Before It Even Starts

Since the day Porsche announced it would proceed with production of its Taycan electric sedan, demand for the model has been ferocious and it hasn’t let up.  We reported in December that the company was already revising its production targets in response to that demand.

Now Porsche has done its math, and decided that it will double the number of Taycans it had original planned to build.

Over the course of the first year of production, instead of producing 20,000 units of the EV for global markets, the company will build 40,000.

The car will be assembled in a new plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany. The size of the production run means that a production line will be reserved for it, as will a dedicated paint studio.

Photo: Porsche

What remains unknown at this point is the proportion of that production that will consist of regular models and of Cross Turismo versions. In December, Porsche boss Oliver Blume did say that each version would see its production total increased. We expect more about that will be revealed as the first models start to roll off production lines.

In case you’re wondering about the strength of the demand that has led to Porsche’s change of plans, the example of Norway is illustrative. Porsche currently sells an average of 600 vehicles annually in that Nordic country. Since it started taking deposits on the Taycan, Porsche has received 3,000 of them from Norwegian consumers.

Buyers have been just enthusiastic in the U.S., shelling out $2,500 apiece to reserve their Taycan. Klaus Zellmer, head of Porsche in America, explained that if all consumers there who reserved the car take delivery within the first year, Porsche will have maxed out its production run.

It’s a problem any manufacturer would be glad to have. What’s doubly interesting for Porsche is that many of those early customers are potential Tesla clients, which the German automaker has succeeded in prying away.

Production gets underway this summer for the Taycan, which will be offered in several configurations. The most powerful of those will have an output of 600 hp and a range of roughly 500 km. The price range for the Taycan EV will be about the same as that of the Panamera model.

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Porsche E Cross Turismo
Photo: Porsche
Porsche E Cross Turismo